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Take some time to FireSmart your property. One priority is the 1.5M radius around your home. Remove flammable trees, shrubs and other items touching your roof, against your house, under windows or near wooden decks within the 1.5M zone.

firesmart week 310 Tips to FireSmart Your Home

FireSmart Community Assessment Reports: Faulder 2017 | Husula Highlands 2017 | Kaleden 2018 | Missezula Lake 2018 Twin Lakes 2018 Heritage Hills / Lakeshore Highlands 2019 Naramata (Smethurst/Arawana Neighbourhoods) 2019

Recognized FireSmart Communities in BC

BC Wildfire Service (FireSmart Principles)

FireSmart Homeowner's Manual (Reduce the Potential Impacts of WIldfire on your Home)

FireSmart Manual3

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